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Created on 2012-07-04 03:42:51 (#1659536), last updated 2014-01-19 (191 weeks ago)

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666 park avenue, 9goats black out, abandoned places, alternate history, asian dramas, asian movies, asian music, atomic robo, b-movies, babylon 5, baking, banners, battlestar galactica, ben starr, black adder, black swan, blogging, books, bookstores, buck-tick, burritos, cake, chocolate, coffee, comic books, cookbooks, cookies, cooking, costume dramas, creative writing, creativity, creepy stuff, cryptids, cryptozoology, cupcakes, d&d, damon salvatore, daydreaming, desperate housewives, downton abbey, dungeons and dragons, ebooks, editing, education, emma watson, fantasy, farscape, fiction, firefly, flying saucers, folklore, food, forgotten places, free graphics, freelance writing, games, gaming, german, german language, german music, ghost towns, ghosts, graphic novels, graphics, harry potter, haunted places, headers, hermione granger, history, horror, ian somerhalder, icons, imagination, ingredients, j.k. rowling, johnny depp, journaling, languages, layouts, learning, legend of the seeker, libraries, literature, livejournal, long hair, lost highways, mad men, martial arts, mary margaret, modern family, mood themes, mord-sith, movies, mucc, muffins, mumford and sons, music, news, once upon a time, pan's labyrinth, paranormal, pastries, period dramas, period movies, photography, pie, pizza, post apocalyptic world, psychological thriller, publishing, raw cookie dough, reading, recipes, religions, research, robert downey jr., rocky horror picture show, role playing games, roleplaying, rpgs, sanitariums, sci-fi, science fiction, secret experiments, secret technology, serenity, sherlock, six feet under, skins, snow white, stargate: atlantis, strange days, strange nights, strange things, sushi, sword of truth, tacos, tae kwon do, texas, textures, the big bang theory, the decemberists, the tudors, the vampire diaries, todd the wraith, true blood, tv, tv dramas, ufology, ufos, unexplained phenomena, urban legends, vampire diaries, visual kei, visual rock, wallpapers, web design, website design, weird history, world building, wraith, writing, x japan
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